Yamaha Tyros 5 
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Total of Downloadable  Files in these two sections - 58,782

All of the above styles will work on most Yamaha PSR keyboards.

Quite a few people have asked me how to do certain things on the Tyros 5.

To save keep on repeating myself, i decided to put together some usefull E sheets to help with certain aspects of mastering the Keyboard that i initially found difficult.


From here you will be able to Open/Download/Print the E sheets to read how to complete certain items.

I am not a technician but have been learning about the Tyros 5 the hard way - by trial and error

Click on the Yellow links above to open the sheets.

If it's available it is underlined and will link - If it's not then i'm in the process of completeing it.

If you need more help then you can always contact me and i will sit by my keyboard and run through whatever you're having a problem with.