Q - How much do you charge

A - This is that "how long is a piece of string" question.

      The short answer is my charges relate to the type and length of the event that you are asking me to          play for.

      My minimum charge for any event is £150. That would cover 1 hour playing, set-up, plus equipment            and travel within  a  50 mile radius of my home. 

      Please contact me for a confirmed price for your event.

Q - What equipment do you supply in your pricing

A - As long as you have advised me prior to booking what you event is about, then all of the equipment          that i bring is included in the price.

Q - So what equipment do you supply

A - There is an equipment list on the DOCUMENTS page

Q - What sort of music do you play

A - Some of the music that i play on the keyboard is listed on the DOCUMENTS page. However, I able to        play for a full wedding booking, from the service, on to the wedding breakfast and on into the                    evening guest reception all without breaking the bank.

Q - How long do you need to set up

A - I can usually have all my equipment ready to go withing an hour and a half. I prefer more time but if           you are working with venue time restraints - (Access and Exit times) - then i'm sure that we can work         something out. I supply music from a computer for breaks so once the PA and computer are set up i         can set that playing so that there is no nasty silence at the start of the gig. I will need a few minutes to       do a venue sound check prior to starting. I work alone so i have to move all of the equipment from car       to venue - set it all up - sound check it - do the gig and then and back out again.

Q - Are you able to cater musicaly for all age ranges - say for a wedding evening dance

A - My usual set list caters for the older generation say 50 +. However, using a laptop and a DJ mixing            desk, i have the ability to call on most genres of music so can allow time in the evening to play up to          date dance music for the younger element. I'm not professing to be a professional DJ, but with over          50,000 tunes stored in my lap top i am able to play most genres. My equipment also allows me to be        as quiet or as loud as you want me to be. So if you want that DJ type reception with lights and noise          it's no problem.

Q - Are we able to hear you play before we book you

A - Of course. You are welcome to come to my home if you live close enough to make that journey,                where we can discuss your requirements and i can demonstrate what i am able to produce for you.            Each event is different so it makes sense to personalise yours to your requirements. 

Q - Do you supply a DJ 

A - If it is required as part of the booking then i am able to produce DJ/Disco style music with the                           software that i have in the computer that controls the digital mixing desk. I have a large selection of music       collected over the years, so can offer most styles including an Ibiza mix as well popular tunes from most         of the decades. I don't supply a professional DJ unless it is required as part of the booking in which case         my pricing would reflect the extra cost involved to hire the professional DJ.