This page Contains GIG STYLE Downloads created by:-

Manse Stringer

Click on the ZIP file that you wish to download.

The file will drop into your Downloads folder

I would suggest that you copy it across to a dedicated Yamaha Style Downoads Folder

Unzip the file.

From there you can copy it onto a USB stick and on into your keyboard

To find it in your keyboard you will need to click on the STYLE section on your MAIN SCREEN and then TAB across to your USB (either 1 or 2 depending on how many sticks you have in).

*If you haven't already done so, Dont forget to FORMAT your USB in your TYROS before attempting to use it in the keyboard*

**It must be formatted in the TYROS and not in your computer**

Manse Stringer

MSGigDisk2 (1).zip

MSGigDisk3 (1).zip

MSGigDisk1 (1).zip

MSGigDisk4 (1).zip